Wellness Center


The Walter and Estelle Strauss Wellness Center

The Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation Inc. was created in 2013 by Paul Delgado and Larry Kahn (diagnosed in 2010 with Parkinson’s) and Larry’s wife, Ellie. 

In September 2020, LDBF opened a 4,700 square foot state-of-the-art Wellness Center in Sandy Springs in order to expand programs and services for its members and the PD community, as well as people with other movement challenges. The Wellness Center is home to LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s Exercise & Wellness Program, LDBF MS Exercise & Wellness Program, LDBF YOPD Mentoring Program and LDBF YOPD Exercise & Wellness Program.  

Thanks to the generosity of Sandra Steinbook and her sister, Michelle Schwartz, who have chosen to honor their parents through their generosity to the LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s program, we are proud to honor Sandra and Michelle and the memory of their parents by naming our home The Walter and Estelle Strauss Wellness Center.  We at LDBF are extremely grateful for Sandra and Michelle’s support.

Walter and Estelle Strauss lived their lives by their belief that people should be treated equally and with respect and dignity.  They shared their success not only by donating to many charities, but also by recognizing the employees who made their success possible.

Walter and Estelle helped people quietly, without needing applause. To their daughters, Sandra and Michelle they are their role models for how people deserve to be treated, for overcoming adversity, and for generosity towards others in need.  Sandra and Michelle want the qualities of their parents to be remembered, and to be an inspiration to others who struggle in their lives.  They believe LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s is a program that their parents would have been proud to be a part of and to support, because not only are we boxing for our own health but are reaching out to help others who are fighting Parkinson’s. It is a fight that Walter and Estelle would have joined, had they known about the program during their father’s lifetime, because Walter Strauss also had Parkinson’s disease.  

Walter was born in Alsfed, Germany in 1923.  At the age of 13, with few possessions and no money, but with the help of a sponsor in the United States, he fled the Nazis and arrived in Bluefield, West Virginia.  His parents, Albert and Martha, and his brother, Henry, were able to escape Germany to freedom in Africa, but his sister, Hana Lore, sadly perished in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland.

Walter later settled in Atlanta, and after finishing high school, he enlisted in the United States Army, where he distinguished himself as a translator of German.

After WWII, Walter returned to Atlanta and founded Walter’s Clothing, a store for men and boys, at 66 Decatur Street in Downtown Atlanta. The red, white, and blue awning, proclaiming that you were about to enter “Walter’s”, proudly welcomes shoppers today, just as it has since 1952.  Walter treated all who entered equally, from Atlanta sports and music celebrities to the average Atlantan, and everyone came seeking the “Godfather of the Sneaker Culture” as he became known, and the “good deal” he was known to give. Walter was an icon in the Atlanta business community and today the family business is still the most sought out place to buy sneakers in Atlanta.

Walter’s wife, Estelle, was born and raised in Atlanta, and spent her career as a teacher and mentor in the public school system and played a vital role in helping her husband build the Walter’s empire.  

Walter passed away peacefully on July 5th, 2018, at the age of 94. Barely a year later, Estelle, his beloved wife of 64 years, passed on August 15th, 2019, at the age of 87.   They are survived by their daughters, Sandra Strauss Spielberger and Michele Schwartz, and their grandchildren, Sandra’s sons Brandon and Mitchell Steinbook.