Virtual Classes

Join us for a great workout to improve Parkinson’s symptoms and slow the progression of the disease! Exercise is an important part of healthy living for everyone and a vital component for people living with Parkinson’s.

With the onset of the pandemic, LDBF introduced virtual classes for people with Parkinson’s to continue their exercise programs safely at home in order to maintain their health.  The Parkinson’s disease (PD) community has been particularly affected since most people with PD fall into the category of people who are at higher risk of complications from the virus, including being an older population and those with underlying medical conditions.  A year later, due to the success of these classes, LDBF offers virtual classes (6) days / week as part of their continuing schedule. 

LDBF trainers have worked hard to adjust on-site class exercise regimes to achieve the same benefits for participants. Modification options are offered to match your level of capability. Classes consist of 60 minutes of instruction by Parkinson’s specific certified trainers.

  • Level 1/2 boxing is standing, vigorous and recommended for participants with limited or no balance issues. 
  • Level 3/4 boxing is seated, less vigorous and recommended for participants with balance issues.
  • Yoga and meditation- breathing techniques to reduces stress and anxiety, stretching, strengthening, posture, breathing, balance.
  • Optimizing- stretching and strengthening, balance, posture, breathing, cognition, fall prevention and recovery, elements of Tai Chi and LSVT BIG.

See attached schedule for dates and times. Class fees are $12.00 / class. 

To register and receive links please contact Iris Regas @ (404) 861- 4355 or