Maggie Daniel

Maggie Daniel has been dedicated to LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s program since 2017 having been introduced through her personal boxing trainer and LDBF trainer, Geoff Uhal. As a volunteer instructor for the past three years, Maggie has now become MDT certified, CPR certified and LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s Trainer certified. As a psychology major, sociology minor at Kennesaw State University, her goal is to work with LDBF members providing psychological services to the newly diagnosed, caregivers, members suffering from depression and anxiety. In addition, she wants to assist members needing to inform their families of their diagnosis.

Maggie’s future includes obtaining a Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctorate of Counseling Psychology with a focus on trauma. She currently serves as an intern and trainer for LDBF. Maggie looks forward to an ongoing future with LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s and has mapped out a personal plan with the intent of serving LDBF in the future in a management position.