We are excited to announce the launch of MS Exercise & Wellness, a program designed to enhance the lives of those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through exercise and socialization. Research shows that individuals who exercise regularly demonstrate physical, emotional, and cognitive improvements, and maximize their well-being and quality of life.

As a Community exercise program focused on improving function and common Multiple Sclerosis symptoms:

  • the main concentration of the program will be on reducing fatigue.
  • precautions will be taken related to fatigue and ensuring the safety of participants utilizing discontinuous exercise balancing activity and rest.
  • promotes socialization and camaraderie, leading to improvements in mental health including anxiety, depression, and mood.
  • is a cost-effective, fun way for people with MS to maintain control of their health. 
  • serves as a viable adjunct to individualized rehabilitative care.

MS EXERCISE & WELLNESS classes are taught by trainers from LDBF Boxing for Parkinson’s, metro-Atlanta’s largest Parkinson’s non-contact boxing exercise program established in 2013. Each trainer has Parkinson’s specific training and certifications. In addition, each trainer has expanded their knowledge base to appropriately work with those living with MS and understand the modifications, concentrations, limitations, precautions, and specific safety concerns necessary to providing a safe and beneficial program to the MS community.

The program offers four different classes, including: 

  • Circuit Training/Aerobic Conditioning/Non-Contact Boxing (both seated and standing)
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Optimizing Exercise 
  • Speech Therapy

Class location:

6667 Vernon Woods Drive Suite A-16
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Please fill out Registration/Self-Evaluation online or email to

Click here for Registration/Self -Evaluation Form

Upon registration, all applicants will be contacted to schedule a free assessment to ensure safety and proper class placement prior to beginning classes. Please have your physician complete the attached Exercise Medical Clearance Form and bring it with you to the assessment. Click here for Exercise Medical Clearance Form

For more information, contact Denise Formisano, Chairman @ (404) 747-3032 or email or click on this website link